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kath and hank header.jpg (17431 bytes)  Our cat Jo'Wiley


They say a house is not a home without a cat and we think our own cat Jo'Wiley would agree.

Our cats come in many different poses and colours.

sitting cat
Sitting cats. Black and white.  Tabby colours honey and grey.

standing cat
Standing cats. Spotty and stripy.

hanging cat
Hanging cats.

cat bunting
Grey cat bunting.

large sitting cat and canary
Large sitting cat and canary.

large hanging cat
Large hanging cat and canary.

cat and dragon
Cat and dragon.

Cat and mouse
Cat and mouse.

It's difficult to get colours exactly the same as previous firings as our glazes are cnstantly evolving.  However, colour types go 

Honey, brown, grey, black and white, ginger and tortoiseshell and calico.

Markings can be stripy, spotty or a mixture of both.

Let us know if you would like us to caricature a cat.