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Hank and Kath's hand made alternative Christmas Tree Decorations

Click to name a reindeer

Click to order a set of reindeer

Click to design your own reindeer bauble

Click here to order the set of  Santa's 9 reindeer

Name a Snowman, Santa, penguin or a snowbear.

Click to name a snowman...Click to name a Father Christmas...Click to name a penguin...Click to name a snowbear...
Click an image to order a Snowman, Father Christmas, penguin or snowbear bauble....

Name a Fairy, Angel, Elf or robin...

Click to name a fairy...Click to name an angel...Click to name an elf...Click to name a robin...
Click an image to order a personalised fairy, Angel, Elf or robin

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  Each bauble comes with ribbon to hang from a Christmas bough, branch or wall hook.   They can just as easily stand on a flat surface too!

As all our baubles are hand made please allow at least 28 days for making and delivery.

All our baubles  are unique and individual and so will look slightly different to those shown in the photographs above.  We shall try to get all orders shipped by December 1st.  For special delivery instructions, please leave a message with your order or feel free to contact us.

Postage and packaging is charged at 3.50 no matter how many babules you buy.